Welcome to Our Summer Prep Web Design 2011 Class!

Thanks for choosing to be part of our creative lab for web design.

We will explore different ways to publish content on the web.

To get started, please let me, Mr. Bonzon, know what web creation experiences you have already had. Click on the "Discussion" tab above and answer the question. Thank you for your feedback to the question.


Summer Prep Web Design 2011 (at Sandia Prep)
with Mr. T.J. Bonzon

Thank you so much for joining our creative web design class!

Overview: exploring web design through free webspaces (Google, wix.com, wikispaces) and Adobe’s high-end CMS Dreamweaver.

Contact: e-mail: __tjbonzon@me.com__ with subject “web design question”

Webpages (in progress): 1) __https://sites.google.com/site/sprepwebdesign2011/__
2) http://groups.google.com/group/sprepwebdesign
3) http://spwebdesign11.wikispaces.com/
4) sample website by Mr. Bonzon: his wife’s online portfolio @ __http://bit.ly/banim__
5) http://spwebdesign11.weebly.com/

I hope you enjoy our class!